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Cycling the Canary Islands 2012

In October and November we have been cycling a few weeks in Tenerife & La Gomera. Because the weather was pretty bad we have been able to make less cycling days than intended. The altimeters have compensated this lack a bit. The Anaga Mountains and the corner with Masca we though it was the most beautiful part of Tenerife. La Gomera we have not seen a lot but because of the mist and remnants of bushfires but the circle along the Parque Nacional de Garajonay was very nice.

The different climbs to the Teide are nice too. From the northeast you cycle long by Eucalyptusforrest and from the southwest you cycle through the lava fields which is very spectacular.

The video we made of this trip can be watched here.

Press F11 (=makes screen full frame) before watching the pictures. Use the left/right arrow keys to navigate.


Info Canary Islands 2012

On Tenerife we booked the Hostal Carel El Médano because we could leave our bicyclesboxes there for a few weeks.

The boats of Fred Olsen or Naviera Armas will take us to La Gomera and Gran Canaria.

On this website we made our GPS maps of the Canary Islands.


DateRouteD (km)A (km/u)M (km/u)H (m)GPS track
24 October 2012El Medano-Vilaflor-El Medano78.9415.6255.251722Dag 1
25 October 2012El Medano-Poris de Abona-El Medano77.0114.8540.271554Dag 2
26 October 2012El Medano-Las Hayas (La Gomera)56.5413.0846.291672Dag 3
28 October 2012Las Hayas-Valle Gran Rey-Las Hayas40.8912.4347.151122Dag 4
29 October 2012Las Hayas-Vallehermoso-Hermigua-Las Hayas63.8313.5342.831873Dag 5
30 October 2012Las Hayas-San Sebastian24.8713.0333.31777Dag 6
31 October 2012San Sebastian-Granadilla (Tenerife)24.8712.425.33732Dag 7
01 November 2012Granadilla-Santa Cruz82.7216.6740.771027Dag 8
03 November 2012Santa Cruz-Chamorga-Santa Cruz76.5714.243.151695Dag 9
04 november 2012Santa Cruz-Puerto de la Cruz89.7713.3744.242326Dag 10
07 November 2012Puerto de la Cruz-Icod de Los Vinos29.211.7129.72852Dag 11
08 November 2012Icod de Los Vinos-Masca-Icod64.4613.813.81787Dag 12
10 November 2012Icod de Los Vinos-El Medano117.2914.5844.842764Dag 13