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Cycling Europe 2012

In the beginning of June we left to Zagreb in Croatia to cycle via Slovenia, Italy (Venice), Stelvio Pas to Zurich in Switzerland. It's already been some years since we cycled the Alps so it was about time we went there again.

The video we made of this trip can be watched here.

Press F11 (=makes screen full frame) before watching the pictures. Use the left/right arrow keys to navigate.

The teaser:

Info Europe 2012

In Zagreb we stayed in the Hotel Fala close to the airport but in walking distance from the city center.

A webcam from the Stelvio can be found here.

We use the Open Street Map Europe (GPS) that can be found here.

A GPS file for an overview of all European campgrounds can be found at Archies Campings .

DateRouteD (km)A (km/u)M (km/u)H (m)GPS track
11 juni 2012Zagreb-Duga Resa82.4217.245.0497Dag 1
12 juni 2012Duga Resa-Kraljevica116.5813.742.52050Dag 2
13 juni 2012Kraljevica-Sistiana115.9916.053.01590Dag 3
14 juni 2012Sistiana-VenetiŽ131.7420.232.5192Dag 4
16 juni 2012VenetiŽ-Roana106.3815.437.51337Dag 5
17 juni 2012Roana-Dimaro122.6915.339.01730Dag 6
18 juni 2012Dimaro-Valdisotto85.7612.151.02335Dag 7
20 juni 2012Valdisotto-Mustair74.0711.736.51978Dag 8
21 juni 2012Mustair-Susch48.9712.244.01179Dag 9
22 juni 2012Susch-Walenstadt102.2815.337.51166Dag 10
23 juni 2012Walenstadt-Zurich82.7916.231.0521Dag 11