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11 juni 2011

The bicycles are checked by De Vakantiefietser so they are ready for the bumpy backroads of Iceland. We also bought some waterproof stuff: waterproof socks and waterproof gloves by Sealskinz.

11 Juli 2011

We've made a succesful cyclingtrip in Iceland. We were very afraid of the bad weather but of the total of 14 days we only had 4 days of rain. A pleasant surprise were the campgrounds. Many had a kitchen or a room were you could sit.

The video we made of this trip can be watched here.

Press F11 (=makes screen full frame) before watching the pictures. Use the left/right arrow keys to navigate.

The teaser:

Info Iceland 2011

-Ferdakort Southwest Iceland 1:250.000
-Free GPS map

-Lonely Planet Iceland


DateRouteD (km)A (km/u)M (km/u)H (m)GPS trackHeight profile
27 juni 2011Keflavik-Reykjavik50.9713.031.5426Dag 1Dag 1
28 juni 2011Reykjavik-Hella98.6015.331.0864Dag 2Dag 2
29 juni 2011Hella-Vik111.1316.934.5557Dag 3Dag 3
30 juni 2011Vik-Holaskjol84.9013.824.0722Dag 4Dag 4
1 juli 2011Holaskjol-Landmannalaugar40.838.2019.01005Dag 5Dag 5
2 juli 2011Landmannalaugar (walk)6.873.4Dag 5a
3 juli 2011Landmannalaugar-Hrauneyjar43.7911.647.0779Dag 6Dag 6
4 juli 2011Hrauneyjar-Fludir84.3119.440.0289Dag 7Dag 7
5 juli 2011Fludir-Geysir42.5214.637.0359Dag 8Dag 8
6 juli 2011Geysir-Pingvellir63.4316.234.5402Dag 9Dag 9
7 juli 2011Pingvellir-Selfoss59.7214.458.5553Dag 10Dag 10
8 juli 2011Selfoss-Selvogur67.9916.822.098Dag 11Dag 11
9 juli 2011Selvogur-Grindavik62.5214.337.5534Dag 12Dag 12
10 juli 2011Grindavik-Keflavik25.3619.741.0159Dag 13Dag 13