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We've made a beautiful cyclingtrip in the Southwest of the USA. Our route went like this: Las Vegas-Grand Canyon-Monument Valley-Moab-Bryce Canyon-Zion-Las Vegas.

The video we made of this trip can be watched here.

Press F11 (=makes screen full frame) before watching the pictures. Use the left/right arrow keys to navigate.

The teaser:

Info USA 2011

-UniversalMAP Nevada/Utah
-UniversalMAP Arizona
-Free Utah GPS map
-Free Arizona GPS map
-Free Nevada GPS map

-Lonely Planet USA Southwest

Adventure Cycling Association
Burr Trail (Utah)
Gooseneck SP
Thanks to the people from The Desert Rat to help us find an alternative route to Las Vegas
Comb Ridge Coffee in Bluff. The best pancakes we had


DateRouteD (km)A (km/u)M (km/u)H (m)GPS track
26 sept. 2011Las Vegas-La Hacienda63.2216.937.0600Day 1
27 sept. 2011La Hacienda-Kingman118.8418.544.51046Day 2
28 sept. 2011Kingman-Peach Springs86.2216.635.0599Day 3
29 sept. 2011Peach Springs-Williams131.6416.636.01216Day 4
30 sept. 2011Williams-Grand Canyon Village96.6818.341.0656Day 5
01 okt. 2011Grand Canyon Village-Desert View42.6714.539.5532Day 6
03 oct. 2011Desert View-Tuba City99.5819.954.0522Day 7
04 oct. 2011Tuba City-Kayenta121.6419.644.5904Day 8
05 oct. 2011Kayenta-Goulding74.0815.636.5592Day 9
06 oct. 2011Goulding-Bluff93.7217.552.51061Day 10
07 oct. 2011Bluff-Monticello79.2815.540.01199Day 11
08 oct. 2011Monticello-Moab87.2018.137.0530Day 12
09 oct. 2011Moab-Arches NP-Moab59.4016.843.0813Day 13
10 oct. 2011Moab-Green River122.3815.137.51133Day 14
11 oct. 2011Green River-Hanksville95.9418.151.5573Day 15
12 oct. 2011Hanksville-Cedar Mesa Campground75.2414.544.0853Day 16
13 oct. 2011Cedar Mesa Campground-Boulder79.0112.243.51458Day 17
14 oct. 2011Boulder-Tropic108.5316.244.51289Day 18
15 oct. 2011Tropic-Bryce NP37.9914.240.0694Day 19
16 oct. 2011Bryce NP-Glendale83.3817.338.5453Day 20
17 oct. 2011Glendale-Springdale74.2816.942.0544Day 21
18 oct. 2011Springdale-Littlefield131.9317.844.01157Day 22
19 oct. 2011Littlefield-Echo Bay123.8818.945.5817Day 23
20 oct. 2011Echo Bay-Las Vegas98.1415.960.01179day 24