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November 17 2008. We're back from a few weeks cycling in Portugal. Roughly between Faro and Porto, look at the map all the way down this page. We stayed in the interior en tried to follow quiet roads as much as possible and of course the highest road of mainland Portugal, The Torres (1993 m). This trip was kind of important because it was the first one with our new bicycles; the Santos Travelmaster 2.6 Alu with a Rohloff speedhub. To capture all this (and because our old one is broken) we took a new filmcamera; a Canon HF100 a HD camera. And to make stable images we also took a tripod; a Manfrotto 190XPROB with a 484RC head. The tripod is also useful for taking long shutterspeed pictures. You can watch the movie here.

We also made a short movie about Evora. Watch it here .

Statistics Portugal 2008

Our route is made out of three parts. The south with a loneley landscape (except the coaststrip), olive and corktrees and nice white villages with castles. At Castelo de Vide it changes to a more forrest and hilly landscape. North of the Serra de Estrella it gets more crowded and also bussier on the road and less pleasant to cyle.

We used the map of Marco Polo Portugal (1:300.000). For on the road info we bought a Lonely Planet of 'Portugal'.

Campings in Portugal
Portugal on foot Nuno Ferreira walks through Portugal. Many pictures but the language is Portuguese.

Hightprofile Torre (Serra de Estrela):